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Wise Loans

Just look at the fascination and the need for personal loans.  Why can’t we get by with the money that we make and only buy things when we really can afford  to buy them?  Our country has been overwhelmed with the desire to buy and buy and never really be able to afford what we […]

Pets and Personal Loans

If you have ever had the pleasure of owning a pet, you can realize how important a part of your family that they become. Many times your beloved animal can find itself with some sort of medical problem that can be a very costly endeavor to have treated. Going to the veterinarian can be a […]

Buying a Used Car

It’s that time where you are in need of a new or newer vehicle. You current mode of transportation has been good to you in the past, but it’s just costing too much in repairs or just isn’t as reliable as it used to be.  This situation happens thousands of times across the country every […]

Using a Personal Loan for a Vacation

Taking your dream vacation is one of the best parts of life. Enjoying exotic places and doing things that you never dreamed of can be a costly venture and many of us cannot afford vacations in our budgets. Taking a personal loan to fund your vacation could be a good solution to this problem. If […]

Personal Loan vs Payday Advance

When times are tough financially, many people need a little bit of help to get them through. Many circumstances come up in everyday life, where some extra cash is necessary. Personal loans and payday advances are a few of the tools that are commonly used. Let’s take a look at both of these options and […]

Paying Off High Interest Rates

Is it a good idea to take out a loan to pay off other loans? If you have the intentions of paying off a higher interest rate loan with one that you can obtain with a lower interest rate than the answer is yes. You must make sure that there will not be any penalties […]

Taking a Personal Loan While Unemployed

So, bad financial times have fallen upon your life. Your company decided to make cuts and you were in the mix of the people being let go. You are finding yourself out of a job and the bills still keep coming in. Is it wise to take a personal loan to help you through this […]

Using a Personal Loan for a Used Car

It’s time for a new car. This can be a very exciting time and also a very stressful time in someone’s life. Buying a new car is a milestone in most everyone’s life and the first new car a person buys is a huge step in one’s life. However, it can be a mistake. Buying […]

Children and Financial Responsibilities

Teaching your children about financial responsibility before they head off to college is every parent’s duty. Starting at an early age can really help children learn how important it is to take care of their finances once they get on their own. Usually through the grammar school years children learn what money is and how […]

Comparing Personal Loans to Home Equity Loans

When it comes to making improvements to your home, is it wiser to take a home equity loan, or to take out a personal loan? There are many different arguments for both transactions. In either case, the interest rate is an important factor as well as the amount and time of the loan. Obviously, you […]