Just look at the fascination and the need for personal loans.  Why can’t we get by with the money that we make and only buy things when we really can afford  to buy them?  Our country has been overwhelmed with the desire to buy and buy and never really be able to afford what we are consuming.  How many people out there have to have the latest phone and the fastest service and get McDonald’s on the way home and have to pay with a credit card because they have no cash.

Of course there are those in need of money right away, like getting out of jail or having a medical procedure, and then it is okay to use the loan.  You can’t be expected to always have enough to cover every situation, but ensure you take the precautions to not allow your cycle of getting loans to continue.  Take charge of your money because it is the one thing you do not want to be worrying about when you are 60.  Taking charge of your money is like taking charge of your whole life.  You should not be restricted from doing stuff with your family, taking romantic trips with your wife, getting that new car or buying that first house just because of money.

Think of how wonderful it would be to be able to go with your friends on that 5 day cruise, take the family to a few ball games, buy a new car, long weekend at the beach and whatever else you wanted to do during the year without having to put anything on credit cards or loans.  Financial freedom at last!  But somewhere along the way, we have decided as a society that it is okay to owe a bunch of money in order to have a nice car and house and nice things.  We need to change our way of thinking to overcome our desires to borrow money over and over.

It isn’t easy to make the change but it will all be worth it in the end.  Taking more time with your family at home to avoid the coffeehouse trap will make a big difference in your wallet and your peace of mind.  A lot of the money saving tips we have learned and all of the blunders we have made with our money needs to be passed on to our children warning them of the dangers of borrowing money and overspending.