Prospective adoptive parents may be concerned about the costs of adopting a child and their ability to meet these costs. Becoming a parent is rarely free of expenses and adoptive parents may be faced with initial costs which may seem challenging.  Costs of adopting a child may be minimal or can total in excess of $30,000. While the overall costs may be a bit overwhelming, prospective adoptive parents should explore all options and the associated costs with each.

There are many resources to secure the funding required to meet the needs of adopting a child. SFA may be included among those resources. Our ability to lend up to $35,000 on an unsecured basis at affordable interest rates may be a solution for many families. SFA provides simple, affordable installment loans to families which allow them to better manage their monthly expenses. A fixed monthly payment on a fixed term you can count on. No unforeseen changes to your payment which can create havoc with your household budget. Simple, fair affordable financing. We are you adoption loan resource.

As you enter into this life changing experience, we hope you consider SFA a resource and a partner in this journey in getting your adoption financing.